Kyphoplasty services offered in East Valley, Chandler, AZ

Kyphoplasty offers lasting relief for the 1.5 million Americans who experience vertebral compression fractures every year. At Apex Pain Specialists, skilled board-certified pain management specialists Naveen Reddy, MD, and Maziar Massrour, MD, perform kyphoplasty to restore spinal vertebrae after fracture, relieving pain and improving your mobility. Call the Chandler, Arizona, office or click on the online booking link to schedule your consultation today.  

Kyphoplasty Q & A

What is kyphoplasty?

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive surgery that restores the shape and height of a fractured spinal bone (vertebra). It offers rapid pain relief and improved mobility while helping prevent complications of a collapsed vertebra. 

What conditions does kyphoplasty treat?

Kyphoplasty primarily treats fractures caused by osteoporosis (bone thinning and weakening). Osteoporosis is about four times as common in women but also affects some men as they age. About one-quarter of all postmenopausal women have osteoporotic vertebral fractures. 

When you have osteoporosis, even mild pressure and ordinary movements like slightly twisting your spine could potentially cause a vertebral compression fracture. 

Osteoporotic vertebral fractures can cause back pain and stiffness. Untreated vertebral fractures can lead to kyphosis, upper back hunching that can become a permanent deformity. And, if you have one vertebral fracture, you’re five times as likely to experience another.

If you have osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures and experience pain or other symptoms, Apex Pain Specialists may recommend kyphoplasty to restore your vertebra and prevent your problems from worsening.

While kyphoplasty mainly treats osteoporotic fractures, it can restore cancer-damaged vertebrae and may also treat other types of spinal fractures.

What is the process for kyphoplasty? 

During kyphoplasty, your physician makes a tiny incision (about half an inch long) above your vertebral fracture. They use either ultrasound imaging or a live X-ray to position one or two needles in the vertebral body. 

Then, your doctor threads a tiny inflatable balloon through the needle and into your vertebra. They gradually inflate the balloon, returning your vertebra to its normal height. Then, they withdraw the balloon and inject bone cement into the open space within the vertebral body. 

The procedure both restores your vertebral height and prevents the bone from collapsing again.

What happens after kyphoplasty?

Kyphoplasty is generally an outpatient procedure. Most patients walk the same day and resume most of their regular activities within 24 hours. Kyphoplasty can offer very fast pain relief, with most patients noticing an improvement in just a couple of days.

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure offering maximum results to patients with painful and limiting vertebral fractures. If you’re looking for a solution for chronic back pain, Apex Pain Specialists can review kyphoplasty and all your other treatment options to help you choose the best one. Call the office or book your appointment using online scheduling today.